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Ocean of Compassion (Gyalwa Gyatso) Buddhist Center






Refuge Recovery


1550 La Pradera Drive, Campbell, CA 95008-1547 (map)

Other info:

Refuge Recovery is a buddhist inspired path to recovery from addictions of all kinds. It is open to people recovering from addictions to and obsession for alcohol, drugs, codependency, gambling, sex, food, technology, relationship, etc. You are welcome here. We are not opposed to anyone and Refuge Recovery can be used in addition to the wonderful gifts of 12 step program, or can be a path on its own to recovery and freedom. We are an abstinence based program.
Refuge Recovery started in Los Angeles several years ago and is growing around the the country. There is a wonderful book about it that just came out by Noah Levine, a Buddhist teacher. You can read about Refuge Recovery here:
We are not affiliated with Gyalwa Gyatso center, they simply have very graciously offered to allow us to use their very beautiful space for our meeting. You do NOT need to be a Buddhist to attend Refuge Recovery. All are welcome here.
The format will likely be as follows:

  • Opening introductions
  • 20 Minute Silent Meditation (very brief instructions on mindfulness meditation before the sitting begins, but not during the sitting, which will be held in silence for 20 minutes)
  • Then the first Sunday of the month, there will be a chairperson who shares for 10-15 minutes on their story and how Buddhism and/or Refuge Recovery and/or Meditation has played a role in helping them get or stay in recovery and on the path to freedom. Then group members will share in an all volunteer format (no one will be getting called on) to share for 3-5 minutes on what they heard or on a topic chosen by the speaker.


Matt Hahn Email- m dot ryan dot hahn at gmail dot com

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