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Please note: People in the area have tried to attend this meeting and reported to us that there was no one at the venue at the time listed below. The Buddhist Recovery Network has attempted to correspond with the contact for this meeting and received no response. As a result, we suspect this group may have stopped meeting. If anyone has any information regarding this meeting; meeting status, new contact information, or other, please contact us at meetings at buddhistrecovery dot org. We will remove this listing from the website after 60 days if we have not received an update. Thank You.



Ocean Avenue, Oxnard




7:00pm – 8:15/8:30pm


Buddhism/12Step Recovery Meeting


500 Ocean Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93035 (map)

Other info:

This meeting has been running for 1yr 4mo.
Each meeting is led by a volunteer from the group. We do not have an established teacher for this group nor are we affiliated with any Buddhist Center although a few of us attend meetings/meditation at Against the Stream in Santa Monica or attend other meditation groups.
We welcome people in all 12 Step programs. this is a small meeting, usually between 6-12 people.
Format is based on a combination of Kevin Griffins' suggestions for format and uses Noah Levine's 4 Noble Truths of Recovery.
Each month we cover one of the 12 Steps for the whole month. Every other week in that month is a concept or principle topic relating to Buddhism/meditation. Meetings start out with a 20 minute meditation. Choice of meditation is up to leader. Sometimes it is a silent meditation, or guided meditation if there is the need. There is a 5-7 minute break where we observe the silence but share in tea and sometimes snacks. After the break, the volunteer leader of the evening reads or we listen to a C.D recording of a dharma talk. Readings are usually from 12step recovery/Buddhism books and chosen by the leader of the evening. After reading there is a discussion. We end the meeting with a Lovingkindness Prayer and the Higher Power version of the Serenity Prayer.


For more information: Email- Venturarecoverysangha at gmail dot com

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