23: #23 – Recovery Dharma

Amy Reed is an Asheville, NC based writer. She got sober in Oakland, CA in 2008 in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous and dabbled a little in Buddhism via Kevin Griffin and Spirit Rock. When she moved to Asheville with her family in 2014, she found herself drifting away from 12-steps and struggled to find a recovery community in her new town. Then she saw a flyer for Refuge Recovery in a café, went to her first meeting in the summer of 2016, and found exactly what she was looking for. She soon started a dedicated meditation practice, became active in her local and regional Refuge community, and was elected Asheville’s inter-sangha treasurer. In 2018, she was invited to join the Refuge Recovery Literature Committee and became part of the team that co-wrote what would eventually become The Dharma of Recovery, the first literature offering of the Recovery Dharma program. In February 2019, she joined the Refuge Recovery Board of Directors. On July 13, 2019, Amy represented the newly formed organization Recovery Dharma at the State of the State Address at the Refuge Recovery 5th Annual Conference in Chicago, joining Noah Levine in outlining the two new organizations that have been born from the dissolving of Refuge Recovery. She is currently on the core transition team of Recovery Dharma and has been busy behind the scenes helping to build this new grassroots movement using Buddhist practice and principles to end the suffering of addiction.

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