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    Thursday, to 7:30 pm

    • In-person

    • English
    • Heart of Recovery


    Please join by 5:55pm. 

    Meeting ID: 899 0457 9179
    Passcode: 722452

    The Heart of Recovery is a weekly meeting that joins Buddhist meditation and spiritual step work, in order to connect to and engage in a commitment to recovery from our addiction, and the everyday addictive behaviors and patterns in our lives.
    Anyone is invited to participate.

    This program is based on the principle that we are full, complete and worthy people. As we come to recognize the innate goodness, joy and wisdom we are all capable of experiencing, we promote and celebrate those qualities together. 

    Although this gathering is not associated with any 12-step program, we do recognize that the anonymity and confidentiality of who is present here, are essential principals to respect.  

    Our format begins with meditation instruction, followed by 15-minutes of sitting
    meditation. The group will then share a reading, and then the floor will be open for discussion.
    We will end with a closing dedication.

    See also the Sunday 6-7:30pm in-person meeting

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    Fort Collins, CO 80521

    Fort Collins, CO

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    fortcollins.shambhala.org treyfindlay@gmail.com
  • Updated June 4, 2024