Mindful Solutions for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

74 Minute CD


Publisher description:

“If you are living with Stress, Anxiety, or Depression, this educational and experiential CD will give you the tools you need to increase awareness and effectively help you live the life you want to live.”

Track list:

  • Track 1 – What is Mindfulness? (5:55)
  • Track 2 – Mindfulness, Stress, Anxiety, and Depression (14:57)
  • Track 3 – The Four Ways (7:20)
  • Track 4 – “Taste” of Mindfulness (5:05)
  • Track 5 – Meditation for the Body (16:58)
  • Track 6 – Meditation for Stress, Anxiety, and Depression (24:35)
  • Track 7 – Keeping the Practice Going (4:07)

Testimonials provided by the publisher:

“I feel that the CD’s are an excellent, timely resource for clients struggling with mental health issues. They are concise, relevant, and easy to listen to. I have marked them as one of my favorites on a handout I give to all new clients.”
~ A. Kraisosky, M.D., Psychiatrist

“This is a soothing, well-grounded introduction to and demonstration of mindfulness meditation.”
~ Reid Wilson, PhD, Director of Anxiety Disorder Treatment Program in Durham, North Carolina

“My clients find it very effective and love it!”
~ B. Novak, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist