When In Doubt, Make Belief: An OCD-Inspired Approach To Living With Uncertainty

Chapter headings: Foreword by Michael A. Jenike, MD Introduction PART ONE: IN (THE SHADOW OF) DOUBT 1.  With or Within Doubt?: Intellect-Based vs. Fear-Based Doubt 2.  Octopuses Chewing Doubt-nuts: An Introduction to OCD 3.  Trapdoors: False Exits When Stuck In Doubt PART TWO: MAKING BELIEF (TEN STEPS OUT WHEN STUCK IN DOUBT) 4.  Reverence: First Principle of Making Belief 5.  Resolve: Second Principle of Making Belief 6.  Investment: Third Principle…

Brain Lock: Free yourself from Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour

Note: This title is included on this website because: there is an overlap between sufferers of OCD and alcoholism (which is clear from some of the stories in this book); it introduces Buddhist mindfulness practice to dealing with our obsessions and compulsions; it provides an important, contrasting perspective to books on compulsions like Mary O’Malley’s….